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SYSTEM OF A DOWN To Play Sweden's METALTOWN Festival

The reunited SYSTEM OF A DOWN will be one of the headliners of next year's edition of the Metaltown festival, set to take place June 17-18, 2011 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The official confirmation of SYSTEM's participation in the event will be made tomorrow (Monday, November 29) via the festival's web site at 13.00 CET.

For more information, visit www.metaltown.se.

SYSTEM OF A DOWN's much-rumored comeback/reunion tour is expected to be "officially" announced tomorrow, along with details of several other European festival appearances in 2011, including the U.K.'s Download; and the Rock am Ring and Rock im Park festivals, which will be held June 3-5, 2011 in the German towns of Nürburgring and Nürnberg, respectively.
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Πέμπτη, 25 Νοεμβρίου 2010

FIREWIND/OZZY OSBOURNE Guitarist GUS G. To Host MTV2's 'Headbangers Ball'

FIREWIND/OZZY OSBOURNE guitarist Gus G. will host MTV2's "Headbangers Ball" on Monday, November 29. A preview clip from the episode, which will air at 3 a.m. ET/PT (technically Tuesday morning), can be viewed below.

Gus G.'s new instructional DVD for Rock House, "Lead & Rhythm Techniques", was released on October 17. In this program, Gus reveals the secrets that have propelled him into the guitar stratosphere and shows you how to incorporate them into your playing. Learn the natural minor and Phrygian major scales, patterns, scale sequences and full neck runs he uses to take control of the fret board to form soulful leads that rip into shred masterpieces. Learn diminished sweep and chromatic arpeggios, emotional bending techniques and how to create a minor 3rd harmony lead. Gus reveals the chords, voicings, syncopated, pivoting staccato, interval, and clean picked rhythms that form the foundation of his style. He analyzes many of his FIREWIND leads and song structures complete with full band backing tracks that you can use the apply what you learn.

DVD includes:

* More than 40 lessons
* 46-page interactive tab book you print from DVD
* Free lifetime web membership for online support
* Behind-the-scenes photos and video
* Interview, live performances & more
* iPod-ready video

Language: English
Length: 120 minutes
Zones: The DVD is zoned to play anywhere in the world

"Lead & Rhythm Techniques" is available for order at this location.

"Gus plays with a great sense of melody and when he combines his technical chops and tone, out comes mind-blowing riffs," said Joe Palombo, Executive Director of Rock House. "More than just a shredder, Gus really plays with tremendous amounts of feel. His work with FIREWIND and DREAM EVIL show his has incredible writing abilities and versatility."

source: blabbermouth.net

Τετάρτη, 24 Νοεμβρίου 2010

'Earache Extreme Stage Diving' App: Video Preview

Video footage of Earache Records playing Earache Extreme Stage Diving — an essential free app for all metalheads which is coming to the Apple App Store on November 29 — can be viewed below.

Available for iPhone and iPod Touch, with an iPad version due to be released in the near future, Earache Extreme Stage Diving sees you dive into the familiar festival experience as you throw a pesky stage invader as far into the crowd as possible.

Play along to a raging soundtrack of thrash, death and heavy metal as you fling the stage diver into the air while trying to avoid objects such as bottles, merch stands and of course the festival favorite — the portable toilets!

Throw the stage diver as far as you can and try to get a high score on the global leader boards.

Whereas most apps just include clips of songs, or at most a couple of full tracks, Earache Extreme Stage Diving features ten full shredding songs.

The full track listing is as follows:

* EVILE - Thrasher
* AT THE GATES - Suicide Nation
* BONDED BY BLOOD - Prison Planet
* WHITE WIZZARD - Over the Top
* OCEANO - District of Misery
* THE HAUNTED - The World Burns
* WORMROT - Born Stupid
* DECAPITATED - Spheres of Madness
* DEICIDE - Homage For Satan
* BRUTAL TRUTH - Walking Corpse

All tracks are included in a fully integrated music player, allowing you to play along to the tunes you want. The app also includes an exclusive, secret unlockable music track which can't be found anywhere else!

Get your hands on Earache Extreme Stage Diving for free by searching for "extreme stage diving" on the Apple App Store on November 29.

For more information, visit www.extremestagediving.com.
source: blabbermouth.net

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Heavy metal ringtones for iphone users

Για τα "ψώνια" του iphone, προσφορά της στήλης, ένα μικρό πακετάκι απο ringtones αγαπημένων metal songs.
To αρχείο περιλαμβάνει τα κάτωθι:

Θα ακολουθήσουν και άλλα, καθώς και αρκετά όμορφα wallpapers.

MANOWAR: Four Audio Samples From Re-Recorded 'Battle Hymns' Available

MANOWAR has decided that its fans deserved to hear the songs from its debut album, 1982's "Battle Hymns", with the massive sound and production that has become the group's signature over recent years and records.

With the decision to reinterpret the music came the need to revisit the famed narration of the legendary Orson Welles. There was only one obvious choice and that was Sir Christopher Lee. Recorded at the famed Abbey Road Studios in London, his own inspired interpretation of the late, great Orson Welles on "Dark Avenger" will be another jewel in the crown of the Kings Of Metal.

"Battle Hymns 2011" release dates:

MP3 (from The Kingdom Of Steel): November 26
CD - Europe: November 26
CD - Kingdom Of Steel: December 13
CD - U.S./Canada: February 2011

"Battle Hymns 2011" will feature two never-before-released live versions of "Death Tone" and "Fast Taker" recorded during the band's very first concerts in 1982. These are the rarest bonus materials ever released to date in MANOWAR's career.

"Our fans can be sure that we have squeezed every drop of power into 'Battle Hymns 2011' that today's technology allows," said vocalist Eric Adams.

"Battle Hymns 2011" track listing:

01. Death Tone
02. Metal Daze
03. Fast Taker
04. Shell Shock
05. Manowar
06. Dark Avenger
07. William's Tale
08. Battle Hymn

Bonus Tracks:

09. Death Tone (live)
10. Fast Taker (live)

Rough-mix samples of the new versions of four songs from "Battle Hymns 2011" can be streamed below.

"Manowar" audio sample:

"Metal Daze" audio sample:

"Shell Shock" audio sample:

"Fast Taker" audio sample:

In a recent video message, MANOWAR bassist and producer Joey DeMaio explained the band's decision to re-record "Battle Hymns": "We've had a couple of people ask why re-record a record like 'Battle Hymns' when it's perfect... I didn't say it's perfect, but other people said it's perfect, and we thank you for that. We're not trying to make it better, because it is what it is, but there's a lot of technology now that we didn't have when we made the record and we're gonna take advantage of it to make it as loud as we possibly can. So it won't be better; it'll just be different. And the songs themselves deserve to be recorded again because they're great songs and the fans have actually requested a lot of this to happen. And also, Donnie Hamzik, our original drummer, is back in the band, and he wanted to have another go at it. We're all together and we're gonna have a fucking great time."

Video footage of DeMaio talking about the decision to re-record "Battle Hymns" and laying down bass tracks in the studio can be viewed below.

MANOWAR's latest DVD in the "Hell On Earth" series was released on November 27, 2009. "Hell On Earth V" covers MANOWAR's recent world tours, including Germany, Norway, Spain, Finland, Russia, Romania, Turkey, USA and Canada. It features live performances of old and new classics such as "Gloves Of Metal", "The Crown And The Ring", "Hand Of Doom", "Hymn Of The Immortal Warrior", "Father", "God Or Man" and many others.

MOTÖRHEAD 'Remixer' App Coming To Conquer Your Mobile

After 35 years of conquering the globe, MOTÖRHEAD is finally bringing its blistering rock 'n' roll to conquer your mobile!

The Motörhead Remixer allows you to remix all of the band's most fearsome tunes, including "Ace of Spades", "Bomber" and "Overkill". Record your mix using the easy-to-use mixing interface then share with friends on Facebook.

"Puts the power of the studio producer in the hands of our fans" and gives "another dimension added to the MOTÖRHEAD arsenal." - MOTÖRHEAD

Motörhead Remixer gives you control over the band's best selling hits on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Visit www.remixmotorhead.com to watch a video of the app in action, listen to mixes and more.

Tracks included:

01. Ace of Spades
02. Killed by Death
03. We are the Road Crew
04. Stay Clean

Tracks available to purchase in-app:

01. Love Me Like a Reptile
02. Iron Fist
03. Jailbait
04. Bomber
05. Overkill


* Remix MOTÖRHEAD tracks using a simple and addictive interface
* 2x banks of samples with loops, punches
* Add effects to your mixes such as flanger and echo
* Save your remixes and share via Facebook
* Listen to friends remixes from within the app

source: blabbermouth.net

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Lemmy: The Movie

What more can we say about something titled Lemmy: The Movie? Stalwarts such as Ozzy Osbourne and Alice Cooper feature in the film, showcasing your main man with the moles Lemmy Kilmister, which was released on October 23. Check out the trailer below: