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IN FLAMES: Entire New Album Available For Streaming

"Sounds Of A Playground Fading", the tenth album from Swedish metallers IN FLAMES, is available for streaming in its entirety at AOL Music. The CD is being released via Century Media Records on the following dates:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway: Friday, June 17
Finland, Hungary: Wednesday, June 22
Spain, Italy: Tuesday, June 21
Rest Of Europe: Monday, June 20
North America: Tuesday, June 21
Australia, New Zealand: Friday, June 24

The album is being made available in the following formats in Europe:

* CD Jewelcase
* Special-edition CD+DVD (eight-panel digipak with pop-up feature + recording "Sounds Of A Playground Fading" DVD)
* Limited deluxe box set CD+DVD (eight-panel pop-up digipak and 32-page deluxe booklet + recording "Sounds Of A Playground Fading" DVD, black textile belt with white print and silver buckle with black IN FLAMES logo, set of 3 buttons, 1 jigsaw puzzle, 6 postcards) * 2-LP gatefold, 180gr vinyl
* Digital download

13 songs were laid down for the CD, which was recorded at the band's IF Studios in Gothenburg with engineer Roberto Laghi (HARDCORE SUPERSTAR, LOK, SONIC SYNDICATE).

"Sounds Of A Playground Fading" track listing:

01. Sounds Of A Playground Fading
02. Deliver Us
03. All For Me
04. The Puzzle
05. Fear Is The Weakness
06. Where The Dead Ships Dwell
07. The Attic
08. Darker Times
09. Ropes
10. Enter Tragedy
11. Jester's Door
12. A New Dawn
13. Liberation

The cover artwork was created by Dave Correia and can be viewed below.

The new issue of Germany's Rock Hard magazine — which came out on Wednesday, June 15 — includes a special IN FLAMES compilation featuring two brand new songs, "Deliver Us" and "Enter Tragedy", as well as six additional tracks (including two rare live songs) from the band's back catalogue.

IN FLAMES recently recruited Niclas Engelin from fellow Swedes ENGEL as the band's new second guitarist. 

source: blabbermouth.net

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To setlist της περιοδείας των JUDAS PRIEST

H περιοδεία “Epitaph” των Judas Priest ξεκίνησε με το show στο Tilburg της Ολλανδίας . Το setlist είχε ως εξής:
01. Rapid Fire
02. Metal Gods
03. Heading Out To The Highway
04. Judas Rising
05. Starbreaker
06. Victim Of Changes
07. Never Satisfied
08. Diamonds And Rust
09. Prophecy
10. Night Crawler
11. Turbo Lover
12. Beyond The Realms of Death
13. The Sentinel
14. Blood Red Skies
15. The Green Manalishi
16. Breaking The Law
17. Painkiller
18. The Hellion (taped intro) / Electric Eye
19. Hell Bent For Leather
20. You've Got Another Thing Comin'
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MACHINE HEAD: Entire 'Locust' Song Available For Streaming

MACHINE HEAD's brand new track "Locust" can be streamed in the YouTube clip below (courtesy of Roadrunner Records).

[Note: This version of the song was mixed by Juan Urteaga (EXODUS, SADUS, TESTAMENT, NIGHT RANGER, VICIOUS RUMORS, HEATHEN, VILE, CATTLE DECAPITATION). The final mix will be handled by longtime MACHINE HEAD producer Colin Richardson (BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE, SLIPKNOT, FEAR FACTORY, TRIVIUM).]

"Locust" lyrics:

Sweet caress
Grazes my skin
It's loveless
These hooks sink in
Behind an angel's disguise
An insect preys
Mandibles cut like a knife
A reckoning

Forming clouds
Their shadow shrouds
Louder the tattered wings they sound
Descending down

Down they come
The swarm of locusts
Skies above
Converge to choke us
Feast of souls
Consume the harvest
Young and old
Suffer unto the locust

These veins are bled
Nothing sacred
Strings pull the marionettes
See how they dance
Upon the winds that beget
Our pestilence

Forming clouds
Their shadow shrouds
Louder the tattered wings they sound
Descending down

Down they come
The swarm of locusts
Skies above
Converge to choke us
Feast of souls
Consume the harvest
Young and old
Suffer unto the locust

Bleeding from my eyes
This plague is sent to erase us
Bleeding from inside
These vermin can't infiltrate us

Faith appears and holds a candle
Hark the angels sing

Forming clouds
Their shadow shrouds
Louder the tattered wings they sound

Tear the veil
The lies derail
Purity ever will prevail

Trumpets sound
The shattered crown
Halos of truth now they surround
The charade comes down

Down they come
The swarm of locusts
Skies above
Converge to choke us
Feast of souls
Consume the harvest
Young and old
Suffer unto the locust [End of lyrics]

The band, which released the back-to-back, modern classics, 2004's "Through the Ashes Of Empires" and 2007's "The Blackening", is aiming to unleash its third masterwork in a row on September 27 via longtime label Roadrunner Records. The as-yet untitled new album is being recorded at JingleTown Studios in Oakland, with frontman Robb Flynn producing, and it is sure to level anything and everything that happens upon its path.

MACHINE HEAD will prepare for the release of their new album by appearing on the main stage of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival for key dates, while headlining the Extreme Stage for others, this summer, which kicks off this July. This is the band's second tour of duty on Mayhem, as they appeared on the festival during its inaugural run in 2008.

An advance mix of "Locust" will be on sale at iTunes on June 14 and will be included on an iTunes Mayhem digital sampler. Download cards for the digital sampler will be distributed at every date of the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival so fans can redeem the song after being summarily kicked in the face by MACHINE HEAD's always devastating live show.

"We've been working on the record for a few weeks now, and when the opportunity to be a part of the free Mayhem sampler came up, we did not want to pass up the chance," said MACHINE HEAD vocalist/guitarist Robb Flynn. "We're so pumped for our fans to hear the new music that we're so proud of."

Flynn went a little deeper about the meaning of the song, saying, "'Locust' is a metaphor. Locusts fly in a swarm, but they can't control which direction they fly; they float on the wind, they land, cause massive destruction, and then float away on the wind to leave you in the aftermath. The song is a metaphor for a type of person that sometimes comes into your life and has a similar effect."

Musically, the song is the essence of what MACHINE HEAD have been doing for nearly two decades. "It feels like the culmination of what we've been doing for the last 17 years: power grooves, patented MACHINE HEAD harmonics, crushing guitars and dark melodies, but taken to a new level," Flynn said. "It's a natural progression from 'The Blackening', but different than anything on that record. In the past, when we debuted a new song, it was usually the fastest, thrashiest tune. This time we wanted to go with something just straight-up heavy."

The song is eight minutes in length, which is not unfamiliar territory for the band. Flynn even joked, "We still can't seem to write a damn song under six minutes. But MACHINE HEAD aren't writing music for the radio or MTV. This is for us. This is for the metalhead who let's music take him on a journey. This for the metalhead for whom music is the only thing that matters, to whom music is a savior. The music fan who's going to study every detail of the artwork, go online and find the lyrics and memorize every word, and let it take them away from their fucked up life for a while. It's for the music freak, who maybe just wants to get hammered, air-guitar and sing at the top of his lungs, and act like an friggin' idiot while starting a moshpit in their living room with reckless abandon. Because that's who wrote this song, and that is the only people we care about connecting with."

Flynn finished, "We know you'll be as excited about it as we are, so Head Cases, on June 14, check out 'Locust'."

"Locust" is a true metal anthem from these metal torchbearers, and it's erected upon the band's signature, crunchy guitar tone, pummeling riffage, a thunderstorm of percussion and Flynn's militaristic barks. "Locust" is one of those cathartic, "gets the red out" songs that will incite moshpits across the globe and cause the listener to be purged of all their anger (and exhausted from rocking the hell out) once the last note fades out.
source: blabbermouth.net

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The Answer -"Rock n Roll Outlaw" motherf**kers.(rose tatoo cover)

Κόντρα στην στήλη, πάρτε μία γεύση απο pure rock 'n'roll, the oldschool way!

The Answer

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LoudTV.net conducted an interview with drummer Fotis "Benardo" Giannakopoulos of Greek demons SEPTICFLESH when the band played in Paris, France on May 19, 2011. You can now watch the chat in two parts below.

SEPTICFLESH released its new album, "The Great Mass", on April 18 in Europe (April 19 in North America) via Season Of Mist. The new opus was made available in the following formats:

* CD + Blu-ray digipak
* Collector's book, including 2 CDs + Blu-ray
* 12" gatefold LP
* CD jewel case
* Digital download

The cover artwork of the album's jewel case edition was designed by Seth Siro Anton himself.

The main artwork for "The Great Mass" appears on the limited digipak edition, the gatefold LP and the dust jacket of the collector's book.


source: blabbermouth.net

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ARCH ENEMY: Entire New Album Available For Streaming

"Khaos Legions", the ninth studio album from Swedish/German extreme metallers ARCH ENEMY, is available for streaming in its entirety on the band's MySpace page.

"Khaos Legions" was released in Europe on May 30 and will be made available in the U.S. on June 7 via Century Media Records. The CD marks the band's return to new, original material, after the release of the "Tyrants Of The Rising Sun - Live In Japan" live DVD/CD (2008) and the re-recordings album, "The Root Of All Evil" (2009). The effort was tracked at Sweet Spot Studio in the south of Sweden with engineer Rickard Bengtsson (who produced 2005's "Doomsday Machine").

The "Khaos Legions" artwork, which comes courtesy of renowned artist Brent Elliott White (MEGADETH, DEATH ANGEL), can be viewed below.

"Khaos Legions" is available in the following formats:

* Limited-edition kingsize mediabook 2CD (including "Kovered In Khaos" bonus songs) - Europe and Australia
* Deluxe version digipak 2CD (including "Kovered In Khaos" bonus songs) – North America
* CD - worldwide
* 2LP gatefold including a dropcard (all album and "Kovered In Khaos" tracks on both vinyl and dropcard):
- 300 copies in red/black marbled color vinyl (exclusive for Nuclear Blast Europe mail-order)
- 400 copies in transparent/black marbled vinyl (exclusive for CM Distro worldwide)
- 100 copies in gold color vinyl (CM Distro Europe mail-order)
- 2200 copies in black vinyl (worldwide)
* Digital download

"Khaos Legions" track listing:

01. Khaos Overture (instrumental)
02. Yesterday Is Dead And Gone
03. Bloodstained Cross
04. Under Black Flags We March
05. No Gods, No Masters
06. City Of The Dead
07. Through The Eyes Of A Raven
08. Cruelty Without Beauty
09. We Are A Godless Entity (instrumental)
10. Cult Of Chaos
11. Thorns In My Flesh
12. Turn To Dust (instrumental)
13. Vengeance Is Mine
14. Secrets
15. The Zoo
16. Snow Bound (acoustic)
source: blabbermouth.net

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PROFANE PRAYER-" Eye of Sin" (Orkestral Promenade)

Μαυρίλα και ακρότητα παλαιάς κοπής στο “Eye of Sin” των Profane Prayer, που θα γραπώσει από το λαιμό όλους τους οπαδούς της old-school black metal σκηνής. Μέλη των Hordes of Decay (που έχουν φιλοξενηθεί παλιότερα στη στήλη) φαίνεται ότι έχουν πολλά ακόμη πράγματα να πουν, γι’ άλλη μία φορά μέσα από το black metal, αλλά από άλλη υποκατηγορία του. Το “Eye of Sin” περιέχει 9 tracks «τετρακαναλάτου» black, αλλά κάθε άλλο από retro, νοσταλγικό ή χαοτικό (όσο αφορά στον ήχο) μπορεί να χαρακτηριστεί. Η σκοτεινιά των παλιών Darkthrone, το σαδομαζοχιστικό rock ‘n’ black ‘n’ roll (χμμμ…) των Carpathian Forest και η μηδενιστική προσέγγιση των Impaled Nazarene μοιάζουν να είναι οι βασικές επιρροές του συγκροτήματος, επιρροές που οι Profane Prayer χρησιμοποιούν ως αφετηρία για να δημιουργήσουν τη διεστραμμένη ατμόσφαιρά τους. Πρέπει να ομολογήσω ότι είμαι εντυπωσιασμένος από τον ήχο του CD καθώς, ενώ καταφέρνει να διατηρήσει απολύτως το old-school συναίσθημα, ταυτόχρονα ακούγεται ιδιαίτερα μοντέρνος και καθαρός, αποκτώντας έτσι «χαρακτήρα». Το CD κλείνει με το “Redemption”, κομμάτι αργόσυρτο και «διαφορετικό», με κάποια (ας πούμε) ακουστικά περάσματα κι ένα από τα καλύτερα και πιο ταιριαστά solo κιθάρας που έχετε ακούσει τον τελευταίο καιρό. Μετά από αυτό το άκουσμα, δύσκολα αποφεύγεις το “repeat” στο CD-player. (9)

ΕΠΙΚΟΙΝΩΝΙΑ: profaneprayer@gmail.com, www.myspace.com/profaneprayer

DOWNLOAD LINK: http://profane-prayer.misantrof.net

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Learn To Play SAXON's 'Hammer Of The Gods' (Video)

A four-minute video podcast in which SAXON guitarists Doug Scarratt and Paul Quinn teach you how to play the band's new song "Hammer Of The Gods" can be seen below.

Packing an armory of steel-coated riffs and songwriting swagger, British hard rock legends SAXON will release their 19th studio album titled "Call To Arms" via Militia Guard Music, UDR and EMI on the following dates:

* Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Norway: June 3
* U.K., Finland, Denmark: June 6
* Greece, Poland: June 8
* France: June 10

Recorded at Chapel Studios in Lincolnshire, U.K. and Brighton Electric Studios in Brighton, U.K., the 11-track album was co-produced by singer/songwriter Biff Byford and Toby Jepson (LITTLE ANGELS). Featuring Byford on lead vocals, Paul Quinn and Doug Scarratt on guitars, Nibs Carter on bass and Nigel Glockler on drums, "Call To Arms" is bang on-the-money brilliant SAXON music, a confident embrace of the aura and writing values from their early years married perfectly to a modern SAXON crunch.

"This is probably the best album we've written and recorded in the last 20 years," states Biff Byford unapologetically. "I know a lot of bands say that, but 'Call To Arms' really does feel like that to me. It's the perfect embrace of our past with a great modern edge."

Between the furious riffage of "Hammer Of The Gods" all the way through to "Ballad Of The Working Man", SAXON also found time to invite fans to sing on the nostalgic stomp of "Back In '79" thanks to a Byford brainwave the night before recording.

"We put something up on our website 24 hours before recording the track in Brighton, and funnily enough we had exactly 79 people show up on time to sing on the song. It was a fantastic result which is a direct tribute to 'Denim & Leather' where we did the same exact thing."

There is also a guest appearance from keyboard legend Don Airey (RAINBOW, ELO, OZZY OSBOURNE, DEEP PURPLE) on "When Doomsday Comes".

"We were at the American embassy in different lines queuing for our visas and by the time we'd got them, Don had agreed to come and play on the song," chuckles Byford.

It will also feature alongside the track "No Rest For The Wicked" in the forthcoming movie "Hybrid Theory", a sci-fi thriller which follows a group of British soldiers who find themselves in a life or death battle with an enemy far beyond their wildest nightmares. The film is directed by James Erskin, who made "One Night In Turin" about England at the World Cup in 1990.

"We've done our darker albums, our full-on metal albums, we've been to those spaces and experimented with them and people came on the journey with us," says Byford, "and with 'Call To Arms' you have the culmination of those 10 years and the 20 years before it. I love this album. I love the songs. I love the sounds. It's right on the money."

"Call To Arms" track listing:

01. Hammer Of The Gods
02. Back In '79
03. Surviving Against The Odds
04. Mists Of Avalon
05. Call To Arms
06. Chasing The Bullet
07. Afterburner
08. When Doomsday Comes (Hybrid Theory)
09. No Rest For The Wicked
10. Ballad Of The Working Man
11. Call To Arms (orchestral version)

source: blabbermouth.net